Westchester K-9 dog training provides the right care, the right training and the right results. Our certified dog trainers will help your dog or puppy become well behaved in every situation.

Picture this – You are on a walk with your dog after he graduates from Wk9’s dog training program and he trots nicely by your side on a loose leash. He walks proudly past your neighbors while they watch with envy.  As you approach the corner, you ask your dog to wait, and voila! Your dog stops and waits as told. Wow, “good pup” you say as you continue your enjoyable walk. Your dog happily looks up at you accepting of his praise. Just then, a friend comes to say hello and instead of a leap and a jump; you say “sit” and HE SITS just like we practiced! Then you move along to the dog park where he gets his ultimate reward for behaving so nicely and frolics with his friends. When it’s time to go, you call your pup and he comes running over without having to chase him down for 30 minutes. A well deserved treat is offered, along with some praise from his very happy mom!  Once home, your pooch is pooped and instead of chewing the furniture or stealing the kids socks, he peacefully goes to dreamland.

YES! This, and more is what Wk9 can teach your dog to do.

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Training dogs in Westchester and Putnam Counties, as well as New York City and Connecticut since 1996. Westchester K-9 dog training will ensure you get the best dog training results for you and your family.