Since 1996…

Westchester K-9 and their Certified Dog Trainers have trained thousands of dogs in Westchester and Putnam counties while making it fun for both the dog and their owners. We specialize in teaching you and your dog the basic principles of obedience so that your life together is both happy and harmonious.

Dogs have been one of the most faithful friends of humans for thousands of years. However, every dog needs adequate attention and training in order to succeed in life. Westchester K-9 uses the most current up to date tools and techniques to train any dog. We understand that each dog is an individual that requires its own unique recipe to accomplish training goals.

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We love Westchester K9! They really helped us with our pitbull Fritz, he was in desperate need of training! They did an amazing job:) so nice to have a dog who listens! I would recommend them to anyone!
“I have been using Westchester K9 for many years. I am very happy with the service and training they provide. The training Alfie received was excellent and the follow up at home very good also. I would highly recommend Stacy and her team, they all love dogs and it is easy to see this when you watch them interacting with your pet.”
Corinne F.
“After three weeks, Red came home super-calm, just as sweet, and really responsive to requests and basic commands. Its awesome! So much less frustrating on a daily basis, and everyone is happier – Red included. Bravo and thanks Westchester K-9!”
Fiona N.
“I brought my border collie to Stacy for the 3 week program, and he come back more confident, less aggressive, and very well trained. She is wonderful with dogs, very knowledgeable, and generous with her time and expertise. I highly recommend Westchester K-9 for all of their services.”
Susan K
“Westchester K 9 trained my adorable Maltese Lola and I was very pleased. We now have Bella who boards at Westchester K 9 and we couldn’t be happier. 5 stars!”
Lisa B.
“We use Westchester K-9 for day care, Dora is soo excieted when we turn on the road and pull up the driveway. She loves playing with her friends, and the staff is great!”
Erin F.
“We did the train and board program when Golden was a puppy and still have training when Golden needs refreshers. I can say that I have personally been to Westchester k-9, and it is a lovely set up.”
Blanche W.
“Stacy and her crew were amazing! Loving, attentive and mostly, gave us peace of mind for our 10 day vacay:). We cannot thank you and your crew enough for your hard work and dedication.”
The Rayburns
Our Great Dane puppy Mookie absolutely loves the doggy daycare. All I have to do is say daycare today and he runs to the door. Gives us peace of mind and the ability to get a lot done. Next he’ll be doing a stay and train. Thanks to the great staff and owner. Everyone we have dealt with is friendly and loving to our big guy.
“I had to write to tell you how great the dogs are doing and how happy we are and they seem to be. We are so grateful for the training we had. It’s made a huge difference”
Judy P.

Stages of Dog Developement


3-6 Weeks

During the Toddler period, puppies emerge on their own from the litter. They venture into the surrounding environment. This emergence from the litter is a gradual and continual learning experience. During this stage of development puppies learn basic behavioral patterns specific to dogs.


7 – 12 Weeks

It is at this age that rapid learning occurs. At seven weeks, puppies can learn and what they learn will have a lasting impact. Everything he comes in contact with will make a lasting impression upon him as it never will again.


12-16 Weeks

This is the age when puppies become more independent of their owners and are likely to venture off on their own. Puppies that have always come when called or stayed close to their owners will now ignore them, often running in the opposite direction.


4 – 12 Months

It is during this critical period that your dog will begin to test you to see who the pack leader is going to be. He’ll begin to bite you, in play or as a real challenge to your authority. Such behavior is natural in the pack and not necessarily undesirable.


1 – 4 Years

During this period your dog may again become aggressive and assertive. For instance, he may become more turf-protective, by barking when someone comes to the door. Temper his protective behaviors by teaching him how to accept strangers into your home. His friendly play with other dogs may escalate to fighting with other dogs.