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Since 1996, Westchester K-9 and their Certified Dog Trainers have trained thousands of dogs in Westchester and Putnam counties while making it fun for both the dog and their owners. We specialize in teaching you and your dog the basic principles of obedience so that your life together is both happy and harmonious.

Dogs have been one of the most faithful friends of humans for thousands of years. However, every dog needs adequate attention and training. It is important to remember that dogs are very sensitive, just like us. When their behavior is bad, it’s typically because poor training (or no training) has enforced negative habits in the dogs. We use the best dog training techniques that yield results in a positive way, so that dog obedience is fun for the whole family.

Call us today for a FREE phone evaluation. We can design the perfect dog training program for you and your loving pet.

"Stacy, we are blown away by your training! Izzy has already passed several of his old trigger points with flying colors (one being the food delivery man!) Thanks so much!"

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