Picture this:

You tell your dog to sit, he sits. You tell your dog to stay, she stays.

And after each command? Your dog looks to you to see what happens next.

No more chasing him down to leave the dog park.

No more grabbing her collar to stop her from jumping up on your mother-in-law as she comes through the door.

No more “this dog runs this house!” exclamations of frustration to no one in particular as you wrangle your pooch once again from another incident of not listening.

Have no fear! We here at Wk9 are here to help (and we’ve got the proof that what we do actually works.)

It’s time for a brand new life with your pup!

Patience, fun, kindness and humane treatment of all animals are the top priorities of the certified dog trainers here at Wk9.

We love your dog as much as you do and we also know that all dogs are different – bringing their own unique mark into the world (just like people!).

Because of this we adjust our training approach to the individual needs of your dog using the most current up to day tools and techniques offered. And the bonus? We love teaching you (the person!) as much as we love teaching your dog.

Together we help you discover and apply the basic principles of obedience and relationship building so that your life together is happy and harmonious (Bonus: your human relationships may or may not improve as well…just sayin’!)

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Meet our owner:

Westchester K-9’s Owner and Certified Master Trainer, Stacy Hirsch and her Doberman, Autumn.


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