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Westchester K-9 Certified Dog Trainers provide you and your family with the right training and the right results!

We will help you with puppy training, behavior modification, dog manners and good behavior by building up your relationship and teaching your dog a clear understanding of what’s expected along with a structured routine.

Outside Dog Training Westchester NY

Your dog will become secure, confident and happy which in turn will lead to appropriate dog behavior and much less stress on your family.

Picture this:

You and your dog are on a walk after a Wk9’s dog training program graduation.

Trotting nicely by your side on a leash, you walk past your neighbors while they watch with envy. No doggie drama here – no barking, no jumping, no tugging or pulling.

What’s even better? As you approach the corner, you ask your dog to wait, and voila! Your dog stops and waits as told. You read that right – he stops, waits, and listens for the next command.

Wow, “good pup!” you say as you continue on the walk. Happy and accepting of your praise your dog looks up at you to see what’s next.

Then, out of nowhere, a friend comes to say hello. What once would have brought a jump or leap out of your dog, there’s no battle to be won as you say “sit” and he sits.

Just like you practiced at training.

After your chat, (and your neighbor is totally impressed with how good your dog is!) you move on to the dog park – his reward for good behavior – a run with his friends. When it’s time to go? You call his name and he comes running.

Gone are the days of chasing him around for 30 minutes trying to get him back on the leash.

Once home, your pooch is pooped, and instead of chewing the furniture or stealing the kid’s socks, he takes a long snooze on his dog bed (not your bed).

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We promise! This (and so much more!) is what Wk9 can teach your dog to do.

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