Private Training

Private Dog Training WestchesterWestchester K-9 dog training one on one private lessons!

Prefer to have your dog trained in the comfort of your own home? We do that, too!

With Private Training, your dog will have a private 1-hour session (maybe more, dog dependent) at your home.

One of the true benefits of this type of training is that we’re teaching your dog in their own environment – with you taking part in the training process.

In this session we’ll also be training you, the owner/handler, how to monitor and manage your dog’s behavior. And because it’s a one-on-one session, you have our complete attention and ability to answer any of your questions on the spot.

Our private training programs include:

  • crate training
  • housebreaking
  • puppy biting
  • pulling on leash
  • aggressive dog issues
  • behavior training
  • as well as basic obedience training.

We will happily work with you and your dog on whatever concerns you have.

We also offer one-on-one private lessons at our home office in Carmel, New York, for a discounted rate. Call for details 914-393-2346 or click here to fill out our contact form.