Puppy Training

Puppy Training Westchester

Puppy Training:

You’ve just brought your brand new puppy home and you couldn’t be more excited! Now what?

Here’s the deal – puppies need routine, exposure, and proper house manners in order to start out on the right paw. This is most important during your pup’s first few weeks.

Socializing with people, kids, and other dogs teaches a pup very important life lessons – ones that will help make them the best dog they can be under your roof.

In this stage Wk9 will focus on:

  • The best house training routine for you (that’s as simple as possible)
  • Problem prevention (the puppy stage is the best time to be proactive)
  • Training your puppy (and you!) to have good habits because as we all know, old habits are hard to break!


If you are unsure which program is best for you and your pup, give us a call at 914-393-2346 or email us to set up a consultation.
Puppies-training Westchester

A Pup’s Behavior
Toddler Period
(3-6 Weeks)
Puppies emerge on their own from the litter. They venture into the surrounding environment. This emergence from the litter is a gradual and continual learning experience. During this stage of development puppies learn basic behavioral patterns specific to dogs.

Socialization Period
(7–12 Weeks)

It is at this age that rapid learning occurs. At seven weeks, puppies can learn, and what they learn will have a lasting impact. Everything a pup comes in contact with will make a lasting impression as it never will again.

Flight Instinct Stage
(12-16 Weeks)

This is the age when puppies become more independent of their owners and are likely to venture off on their own. Puppies that have always come when called or stayed close to their owners will now ignore them, often running in the opposite direction.

Seniority Period
(4–12 Months)
It is during this critical period that your pup will begin to test you to see who the pack leader is going to be. He’ll begin to bite you, in play or as a real challenge to your authority. Such behavior is natural in the pack.

Adult Stage
(1-4 Years)

During this period your dog may again become aggressive and assertive. For instance, he may become more turf-protective, by barking when someone comes to the door. His friendly play with other dogs may escalate to fighting with other dogs. Temper his protective behaviors by teaching him how to accept strangers into your home.